LAX Beach Day Surprise!

Sometimes I’m what we in aviation call a “slam-clicker.” That means I let the door slam when I get to my hotel room and I click the lock right behind it, not emerging until my shuttle time the next day.

I’ve said before that I’m not a runner, but that really just means I have to force myself to run because of how healthy it is for you. My main thing is I like to move heavy weights. 

I’ve always been that way though. 

Because I might be a masochist, I have taken up running. I’m kidding about the masochist, it’s actually because I love to challenge myself frequently.

Running is super healthy, but it has proven to be an amazing way to explore cities on layovers. I mean, I only get out a max of like 3 miles because when you run one direction, you have to run back. 

Sometimes I get a wild hair and will expand that distance a bit. That was the case when I went to the beach on an LA layover recently.

A little fact is that usually, airlines keep their employees close to the airport on layovers because it’s easier to transport them and it helps make sure that they’re there in time for the flight and help fight delays. 

A second fact is the geography of LA has LAX very close to the beach. Naturally, I decided to go running to the beach because I started running and there was a beach…

The route I took had me run right by the airport. I mean, I was so close that there were freaking Youtube channels videoing the activity. Actually, there was Airline Videos Live Streaming LAX takeoffs. There was a few Boeing 747 takeoffs I got to see, which was a real treat since the Queen of the Skies has been officially retired.

The spot I got was a little too far to get great videos on a phone, but it was still beautiful. I was posted up for about 15 minutes at the top of a hill. I could see the entire runway and got great views of airlines taxiing, but mainly cargo taxiing, taking off, and landing.

My actual run turned into a cluster of runs instead of a true solid 6-mile adventure, but it was super worth it. 

This little spot was about a mile into my run, so I ran another 2 miles to get to the beach. 

So, my birthday was a few days away, but I guess they knew that when I get to LA because on the beach was a classic Volkswagen car show!

There were all sorts of classic Beetles, there were tons of those old hippie-style VW busses (my grandpa always called them Shaggin’ Waggons), some that were converted to a truck-style, which was totally awesome and unexpected.

I hung out at the car show for a bit and just enjoyed the cool cars. Then I turned a whopping 90 degrees to stare out at the beach! Quite possibly the most unbeatable birthday work trip ever. 

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I looked up to the sky and saw another 747 as it flew over the beach then banked left. It might have been a sign that this year is going to be a great year for me (of course, I could be reading into seeing some cool stuff all at the same time, but that’s a conversation for another time).

After hanging out in this pseudo-heaven, I was getting a little sunburnt and decided to run back to the hotel. 

Once again, I stopped for a solid 10 minutes to watch airplanes do their thing. The Youtube channel was still there getting some insanely good shots too! I occasionally will go to that channel and see if I can find the day it was and compare my pictures, which are considerably better since my iPhone 11 is a much better camera than this dude’s professional filming equiptment.

By now you may have noticed I’m being completely facetious because this person obviously had nicer equipment than me. If not, then hopefully this explanation does the trick for you.

In all seriousness, if you are ever in LA, just go to the beach. You never know what cool stuff will happen if you do.

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