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Lessons From Lindbergh

I just recently started reading The Spirit of St. Louis by the late great Charles A. Lindbergh. In the very opening of the book, Lindbergh recounts a story about a “routine” in air evacuation he does while delivering mail (side note: this is absolutely insane). Instead of just using his words (which are quite eloquent … Continue reading Lessons From Lindbergh

LAX Beach Day Surprise!

Sometimes I’m what we in aviation call a “slam-clicker.” That means I let the door slam when I get to my hotel room and I click the lock right behind it, not emerging until my shuttle time the next day. I’ve said before that I’m not a runner, but that really just means I have … Continue reading LAX Beach Day Surprise!

Time for a New Shirt: Why we cut shirttails after first solo flight

I finally freaking soloed! That’s right. I did everything by myself. I successfully took off and landed without my instructor in the airplane with me. He was on a hand radio to keep in contact with me though. You know, just in case. It started perfectly with the perfect weather. I mean, there wasn’t a … Continue reading Time for a New Shirt: Why we cut shirttails after first solo flight

Doing Dania Right

I go to Florida all the time for work. I’ve had my fair share of issues, but this time, my wife and I did Dania Beach right.

What is the PAVE Checklist?

Did you know the FAA has a checklist that every single pilot should use before every single flight? Well, they do. It’s called the PAVE Checklist.


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